Die richtige Wahl des Wakesurf-Boards ist sehr wichtig für das Surf-Feeling. Dass ein Beginner nicht sofort mit einem Skim-Board loslegen sollte, liegt auf der Hand, deswegen stehen sowohl Anfänger, wie auch Advanced-Boards zum Verleih. Wenn man sich nach den ersten Erfolgen mit den Anfänger-Brettern schon sicherer fühlt, kann man natürlich auch gerne ein Advanced-Board ausprobieren.

Eigenen Wellenreiter Zuhause?!

Für alle, die schon Surf-Erfahrung am Meer gemacht haben und sich die Frage stellen, ob man vielleicht mit dem eigenen Wellenreiter unsere Welle surfen kann, unsere Antwort, kurz und bündig: JA! Einfach das eigene Surfbrett mitbringen und ausprobieren!


    2011 Liquid Force Fish 5’6″

    wakesurfers-fish56 Beginner or Advanced – No matter what the conditions

    With the success of the Fish 5-3 in 2010, LF decided to add two entirely new shapes for 2011 to the Fish series.
    The swallow tail makes it a bit looser through the back, allowing you to turn and hack at will.This board is a must have for any boat!Winged swallow tail – fish outline – The Fish is designed with a fuller shape/outline to provide maximum float and drive.

    Flowing directional rocker – Catch free nose, speed and drive through the tail.

    Double concave hull – This hull creates smooth and efficient water flow with extra lift.

    2015 Liquid Force Fish 5’3″

    A board that everyone on the boat can enjoy!

    The LF Fish is a board that everyone on the boat can enjoy. Its full shape gives beginners an easy platform to learn the glide, while seasoned riders can carve and slaysh on its loose feel. It features a unique swallow tail design, grooved EVA full deck pads and durable construction. Whether you’re just starting out or need one board for a group of riders, jump on a Fish and feel the fun!



      2016 Liquid Force Doum Skim 54″

      doum-skim-54 A great shape for those ready to step up their riding!

      Doum Lagace waves the wakesurfing flag everywhere he goes… and he goes a lot of places! Spending more time in the water then just about anyone, Doum is a true waterman and knows what he wants in a surfer. Built for fun and durability, the Doum Skim is a great shape for those ready to step up their riding… Rip in the pocket, above the lip, or just spin, cruise and enjoy the glide… it does it all. Tip and tail channels give you control whichever way you’re going . . . crisp rails keeps it tracking cleanly. This skim is ultra versatile AND super fun. High-5 on your Doum Skim this season!

      2015 Liquid Force Sixer

      The new 2015 Sixer is thinner, lighter, and has crisper rails with a little added nose rocker. Super versatile and full of quickness, the Sixer comes equipped with a unique fin setup so you can maximize its versatility and effectiveness behind the boat! Ride it as a quad with large sides and small rear fins for solid drive and thrust out of the wake. As a “Twinzer” with small “Stubbie” fins in front of the large sides, the board pivots quickly without spinouts. For the loosest feel, the Sixer can be ridden as a twin fin that turns on a dime. The Sixer is a board that must be surfed hard from the tail and is not for the weekend cruiser… this board is made to rip!


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